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selu requests originally posted over at tumblr. collated for personal convenience.

1. i don't do sluts (but i would do you) - highschool cheerleader au

"What are we going to do without you and your stupid broken leg? We have three weeks to regionals! I refuse to have this year be the one year we don't make a national cut because we can't hold a stupid pyramid!"

"Woah. Calm down, captain spazz," Jongin says in what he probably thinks is a soothing manner. Lu Han coughs and looks away politely when Baekhyun bristles like a cat in water. "You can dump me off the squad - temporarily, of course - and get my little brother."

"Sehun?" Baekhyun wrinkles his nose. He gestures in the general direction of Lu Han, who's trying not to laugh at Baekhyun's ill-contained hysterics. Really, it's not as if Wu Fan can't take over Jongin's job. Wu Fan can probably hold up a cow ten times his size - at least that's what Zitao says. "Can he hold up Lu Han with one hand? And he hates us! If I recall, he told Yixing to 'go fuck himself, you dumb cheerleading slut' when Yixing complimented his dick size. His goddamn dick size! Who doesn't like getting complimented for their junk?"

Jongin waves his worries off, white teeth glinting in the fluorescent of the sterile hospital room. "Sehun looks a little weak, sure. But you know carrying all those books pays off, right? Plus, who doesn't like watching teenage boys molest each other in tight clothing? That's practically the only reason I'm still in the squad after two years."

"Thanks for the nightmare fuel," Lu Han mutters.

"See? Lu Han agrees."

Baekhyun whirls around, eyes blazing. He punctuates every three words with a hard poke to the chest. "Lu Han! You are going to talk to Jongin's little brother and do whatever you can to convince him that we need his sorry, scrawny ass on the team. Got it?"

Lu Han rolls his eyes. "What do you want me to do? And why the hell can't we get Jongin to do it? He's only got a broken leg, he's not mentally incapacitated and he sure as hell has his voicebox intact."

"You want me to get up from this comfortable space and talk to my brother? Shame on you. I thought you cared," Jongin sniffs dramatically. Lu Han chucks the small throw pillow below Jongin's arm at his face.

"Well, it's amazing what a freshman will do for you with the right encouragement."

"Tipping him off to when the male cheerleaders are showering is extortion," Lu Han says, crossing his arms, "not encouragement. Do you think I've forgotten the time Myungsoo peeped on me on the shower a year ago?"

Baekhyun shrugs airily. "It got him on the squad, didn't it?"

"You have to do it. There's no one else for the job," Jongin pipes up, nodding. "You're the prettiest, most flexible, most popular--"

"Excuse me, I'm still here," Baekhyun deadpans.

"-- And not to mention, Sehunnie thinks you're fine. Sometimes I catch him staring at you from the benches. He pretends to be waiting for me so we can drive home together, but trust me, I know he's where he's really looking." Jongin mimes a radar spotting a moving target, pointing fingers at Lu Han. "Beep, beep. Oops, Lu Han moved 5 meters away from Sehun's zone. And by zone, I mean the vicinity of his dick--"

"I can break your other leg. Seriously." Lu Han doesn't know how many times he can keep rolling his eyes in the span of ten minutes without it getting in danger of falling out of its sockets. "And everybody thinks I'm fine, you pervert."

Baekhyun whoops. "That's my boy. You're the best vice-captain ever, you know. I'll treat you to Haagen Dazs and cotton candy after Sehun walks through the gym door - well, not too much, I don't want you gaining any weight or else I'll have to kick you off the squad. I know how you gain fat really easily because of your dwindling metabolism."

"Stop throwing shade on me because I'm the oldest in the squad. I'm only a few months older than everyone else."

"He's throwing shade on you because he thinks you out-slutted him three months ago with Wu Fan-hyung," Jongin says helpfully.

"I told you, I fell on top of him! He was helping me get dirt out of my eye and I tripped!" He is not a slut, cheerleading is both an art and a sport, and he is not a slut, thank you very much.

"Yeah, and you accidentally sat on his half-hard dick in the process," Jongin mutters.

"I had my pants on," Lu Han grits out. "Stop writing dirty fanfiction in your head."

"Dirty fanfiction of you is a compliment," Jongin corrects.

"Whatever makes you feel better, sweetheart." At his best, Baekhyun is a good friend and a good cheerleading captain, but at his worst - he's a miniature Mussolini in silver cheerleading tights. "Now, I know you have that pesky little thing called half-baked morals or whatever, but..."


Lu Han strides aggressively into Sehun's field of vision, cornering him against Jongin's gym locker.

"Um, hi? I'm here to get my brother's Calculus for Dummies book...?" Sehun says uneasily, moving his head to the side, hiding half his face under the sweep of his bangs.

God, he's actually hot up close. And his chest is surprisingly hard. Okay, those arms might need some work but holy shit, that torso can go on for miles on end-- focus, Lu Han, focus, damnit. You represent the noble art of cheerleading. You will not let cheerleading dilute into ass shaking, hair flipping and senseless crotch grabbing. You will not let your team down.

"Are you high or something?" Sehun's incredulous voice, hard and clipped, brings him down to earth. "I should really get going. I need to study for an exam, not like some people."

Lu Han pushes himself off Sehun, hauling his shoulders up to his chin indignantly. "Excuse me? I have a 3.8 GPA and I do it while still maintaing my social life. Unlike some people."

Sehun's eyes are narrow slits, and he grounds out, "Then there's nothing left to talk about, is there."

He tries to push past Lu Han, but Lu Han's stronger than he looks. "Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I just wanted to... talk to you. About joining the squad. Temporarily. Until Regionals."

"What makes you think I'd join?" Sehun looks genuinely confused. "I can't do any of those fancy stunts you're always doing. And as you probably know," he gesticulates to his face, which sort of speaks for itself, "I'm not exactly cheer material going by the face alone."

"I get it, you could use some anti-depressants," Lu Han says, shushing Sehun as he's about to open his mouth with another lame statement about his emo (but undoubtedly hot) self. "But I've seen you dance that one time Jongin had a house party. And you're tall. That makes you a better lifter than Jongin already. Well, maybe not really since you need to work on those stick arms but I'm sure a little circuit training will do the trick."

"But I don't give two fucks about cheerleading and winning some fake gold trophy," Sehun says, face stony as he stares Lu Han down. Lu Han is seriously starting to doubt Jongin's "wisdom"; how could Sehun possibly like him when this is obviously going to end with this blowing up in Lu Han's face? And not even the good kind of blowing, ugh. "What's so great about being a cheerleader, anyway? Eventually when you all go off to college, you'll have had your time under the sun and all you have left is sun damage. You're not cool anymore. You all have to go in the defroster."

Blowing? Wait.

"Look, to be a cool person in high school, you have to either care too much or not care about anything. You're obviously in the latter category." Lu Han takes his sweet time sliding to his knees in front of Sehun, taking advantage of Sehun's distracted surprise long enough to graze fingers over Sehun's denim-covered crotch. He looks up and sees Sehun's puzzled gaze looking back - this boy clearly does not get enough sex to know what to expect.

Lu Han bites the inside of his cheek to keep from smirking. He's going to enjoy this.

"Uh, thanks, I guess, for calling me cool? But what does this have to do with - hey! What the hell--"

"Fortunately for you and for this school, I care a whole damn lot about my squad. Now shut up so I can do my job here."

"Your job is to put my fucking dick in your-- shit, what the hell are you doing? Anyone can in here any second and you're - oh, fuck!"

Sehun's huge cock comes off his mouth with a soft 'pop', replaced quickly by his hand slowly, tortuously pumping the shaft. "I'm going to perform oral sex on you for the very exorbitant price of joining the squad and not completely sucking at it. Do we have a deal?"

"I never agreed to have you go down on your fucking knees in the first place - will you stop that - a-ah!"

Lu Han thinks he does a pretty good job sucking dick, especially when Sehun finally shuts the hell up and brings a hand over the back of Lu Han's head, gently guiding it up and down. The floor is cold and hard, but he concentrates on pacing his mouth just right; not knowing how Sehun prefers it, he just rams it down his mouth the way it gets most guys off - fast with intense suction. He has this way of using one side of his tongue on the way up the shaft, and the the other side as he slobbers all over it on the way down. He's all about keeping it dirty and messy, and no guy in his right mind would ever refuse that.

"L-Lu Han..." Sehun moans, keeping his eyes on Lu Han's bobbing head. He's already close to far gone, especially when he starts to thrust into Lu Han's mouth, something Lu Han isn't too fond but lets him do without protest. Lu Han swallows Sehun eagerly, but with such patience, enough to make Sehun feel like they could do this all afternoon. Fuck exams, fuck cheer practice, fuck everything else. He hums around the shaft, moving to suck on Sehun's balls.

When Sehun yelps and groans in half-disbelief, half-pleasure, Lu Han knows he's got this in the bag.

Approximately five minutes after Sehun starts praising the lord (sometimes with god, oh god and dear sweet jesus help oh fuck)Sehun comes on his face.

"Oh - oh, shit, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--" Sehun moves to kneel down face to face with him, half-limp cock still out of his trousers as he thumbs Lu Han's cheek, assessing the 'damage' with a soft, careful gaze. "I'm really sorry. That wasn't polite."

This is a really nice change from the sharp-tongued Sehun fifteen minutes ago. If it only took a blowjob to get him in this pleasant a mood, Lu Han would have done it the moment Sehun walked through that door, screw talking.

"It's okay," Lu Han says quietly, and truthfully, all his ex-boyfriends loved doing this to him, probably while fantasizing that he was some bukkake whore from JGV. He swipes a finger on his cheek and brings it to his mouth, looking up at Sehun as he swirls his tongue around the ridges, red heat set alight in the pit of his stomach. "You don't taste too bad."

For the first time, he sees Sehun blush.

He resolves to make it the first of many.

2. construction (domestic!au)

When it comes to Lu Han and their rollercoaster ride of a life together, Sehun remembers the highs and lows in clear flashes of film-like clarity. He remembers the time they became official, after two years of dancing in circles around each other. Him and Lu Han standing outside a small bar in Apgujeong, attending Amber's birthday party. They're both slightly drunk, grinning at each other over soju, amidst the chatter of the crowd. Lu Han says to him, "Be my boyfriend already," and he leans in close, bemused. Sehun hears him the first time, but he needs to be sure and Lu Han knows it in his face, so he says it again. "Be my boyfriend already."

Sehun draws back, looks straight at Lu Han with the biggest shit-eating grin, and says, "Okay. Sure."

They hook arms around each other's shoulders, telling people standing beside them, "We're official!" and they leave the party five minutes later, hand in hand.

Two months after, he doubts the legitimacy of his feelings. Not because he doesn't like Lu Han; on the contrary, he feels too strongly for Lu Han that even thinking about holding him after a period of long separation feels uncomfortably close to internal combustion.

When they say their goodbyes, it goes on as usual around them, except -

This time, the ceremony of greeting and goodbye is held delicately between them, balanced on their shoulders. Lu Han pulls him into the stall in the airport bathroom and gives him a quick kiss, his hand at the nape of Sehun's neck, holding the kiss together. Sehun realizes that time how scared he is of giving too much in so little time.

"I think I'm really in love with you," he writes in a letter that he gives to Lu Han before he leaves for Beijing on yet another round of promotions. His silly, loopy handwriting notwithstanding, he thinks to this day how it's an accomplishment how he writes it with dry eyes. "What if I'm too possessive? What if I turn out to be an evil psycho boyfriend? If I'm unfit for relationships in general? I don't want to put you in a cage. I'm sorry for being like this."

He feels in that interminable two weeks of waiting, that the end of the world - the end of his world - is not a big glowing fire, nor devastation, nor apocalypse, but rather, a punctuation in his life. A period where Lu Han's space used to be, is, was; eventually he stops thinking about it and waits like the normal person he's supposed to be.

Lu Han comes back two weeks later, eyes shining in amusement when he loops arms around Sehun's neck in greeting, whispering, "I don't think you can afford a cage, Sehun-ah. The price of most metal is at a 5-year high because my country has been buying it all up. Read up on your World News, will you."

He starts crying, then laughing. Jongin really does call him pyscho just then.

Everyone thinks they have a grand love story to tell, but in Sehun's mind it's all very simple. Even remembering the simplicity of the whole process of getting together fills him with a fierce and brave joy - to learn that love should come so easy after all. After a long time believing love is something to be suffered for, something requiring too much sacrifice - he's glad to be proven wrong with something so right.


EXO disbands after five more years. Eight months later, Sehun proposes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like I just committed a mortal sin by eating this piece of cake." Lu Han eyes the half-eaten black forest sitting innocently in front. Then, his eyes widen to Kyungsoo-level size. "Oh, god. Oh my god. The ring is in the cake, isn't it? Sehun. Sehun, answer me or I swear to god I'm going to choke to death on a small piece of metal and it's going to be your fault and I'm not leaving you anything in my will--"

"Jeez, relax," Sehun says, laughing as Lu Han's hands move away from his own stomach. "No need for any self-performed heimlich maneuvers. What makes you think I'm going to propose?"

"Because you've been hinting it for the past few weeks!"

"I have?"

"Yes!" Lu Han throws his hands up in the air. "We've been watching wedding movies during movie night, Baekhyun dropped by to give back your screwdriver and coincidentally threw in some Bridal Magazines, which, may I add, I have absolutely no use for, because who the hell in their right mind will make me wear a wedding dress?"

"The magazines were not to brainwash you into wearing any dresses," Sehun says hastily, aware of how quick Lu Han is to stomp his foot down on any hint of his 'beauty', "they're to help you choose caterers and venues. Besides, your legs aren't really fit to be seen under a dress. Oh. Oops. I just gave myself away, didn't I?"

Lu Han reaches over and smacks him on the back of the head. "You're hopeless, Oh Sehun! Now where's that ring so I can jump into your arms and scream 'Yes, oh, yes!' already?"

Sehun sighs, and reveals that the ring is in the next forkful of cake.

Lu Han smiles that heart-stopping smile that makes Sehun's stomach do flips every single time.

Then he slaps Sehun on the cheek. "That's for almost killing me with metal poisoning! Who even puts a ring in cake anymore?" Then Lu Han's mouth latches onto his as he pulls him by the collar to their bedroom. They proceed to have the best pre-marital sex, the kind that induces bed-breaking and neighbors complaining to the landlord.

"I can't believe sometimes," Lu Han murmurs, eyes up at the ceiling as Sehun idly traces patterns on his stomach, "how I still find different ways to sleep beside you and to sleep with you. How is this possible?"

"Don't jinx it," Sehun replies, lacing their fingers together.

The post-proposal period, also known as 'gruesome wedding preparations', is a little slice of a level of hell for both Sehun and Lu Han, but that's another story altogether.


Lu Han looks absolutely stunning in a white suit. Lu Han is an angel on earth, to borrow from thousands of fansite descriptions that have cropped up over the years. Lu Han is walking down the aisle looking radiant, glowing like the brightest star in a room full of black holes as his teary-eyed mother holds onto his forearm. Lu Han is--

Giving him a mini panic attack.

"I think I'm going to faint," he whispers, soft like a dying mouse. " Let's make a bro pact right now. You're going to catch me, or I'm going to slaughter everything you love."

"Don't be a pussy," Jongin hisses back through clenched teeth, clapping him twice on the shoulder. "Jongdae will kill you if you interrupt his perfect rendition of Sun and Moon with something as trivial as fainting during your own wedding."

Sehun, in a miraculous turn of events, does not faint. Instead, he pulls Lu Han to him and kisses him, soft and sweet, while everyone in the room is watching. He keeps kissing Lu Han until the panic fades, until Lu Han's mother - and everyone else - cough to get their attention.

"Excited, much?" Jongin says, grinning as he shakes his head. "Say your I do's first, boys. Then you can get the party started."

For the second time in the span of that event, he kisses Lu Han, harder and longer, each second just one in a string of many, stretching out across the remainder of their lives.


More than Lu Han's abnormal ability to look approximately ten years younger than his real age (which Lu Han would rather not discuss, thanks), Sehun is gobsmacked at Lu Han's ability to get it together and digress into wildly diverse topics after a vigorous round of sex.

"Let's have a kid," Lu Han says, voice rising in excitement as he sits up on the bed and starts blabbering about the cute babies he chanced upon on one his regular humanitarian trips to the orphanage. Since Lu Han manages SMEnt Beijing's PR department, he regularly makes philantrophic trips in both his personal capacity and as a company higher-up. The way Lu Han talks about it, it's a wonder Lu Han hasn't adopted a baby from every orphanage he's visited, really.

Sehun makes a non-committal sound. "Babe, I'm not exactly dad material--"

"Pssh. Nonsense. You'd make a great dad." Lu Han turns to him and licks the underside of his earlobe. "Actually, I've got a surprise for you. I'm so happy about this, you don't even know."

"Hit me," he says, way too distracted with Lu Han's hot breath on his ear to really listen. "Is it that vibrating cock ring you though only kinky French guys used?"

"Mm, even better." Lu Han's hand starts traveling south. "I gave a little boy a good home two days."

"Yeah, talking about children while you're attempting a handjob is kind of a boner kill," Sehun pulls away, looking at Lu Han suspiciously. "What's going on? And please don't distract me with sex this time."

Lu Han smiles. "That little boy is going to live with us. We're going to be dads."

Sehun laughs for five minutes straight.

Then he realizes Lu Han isn't joking.

Lu Han now looks distraught, grasping Sehun by the shoulder. "Sehun-ah, he's such a beautiful boy, you should see him. His name's Ziyu and he has the biggest eyes and the prettiest smile - and, you know, I had to. He was sick. He had no one. And the orphanage is so over-crowded, they didn't even have enough beds, let alone medicine, so I..." Lu Han pauses to take a breath, glancing desperately at Sehun. "There was some paperwork, and I - I already filled them up."

Sehun sighs into his hands. "Is it too late to give him back?"

"I can't do that!" Lu Han exclaims, sounding even more panicked.

"Maybe you can," Sehun placates him. "No one has to know. Not the office, not our friends. Tell them to keep it quiet, and let's make a donation. A large one."

"Are you out of your mind?" Lu Han says, scrambling away from Sehun and hurriedly tying his robe around his waist. "What would he think? He's a child, Sehun. He was already abandoned once and now he's going to experience it again, from us! You can't - you can't just return a person."

"Well, you can't just go and take one either, and without telling me at that, but apparently you did!"

Lu Han's silence screams heartbreak. "I'm going out," he says after a minute.

The second after Lu Han slams the door, Sehun already feels like the biggest idiot ever.


"I'm sorry," Sehun says later that night, wrapping arms around Lu Han's waist just as Lu Han turns off the stove. "I'm sorry I reacted that way. I just - you know how bad I am with kids. I'm scared." More like fucking terrified. Sehun has already dealt with so much prejudice, bigotry and malice for being an idol, and a gay idol at that. He can deal, but how will a child - their child - deal with that? He can't bear to think of any kid of his getting bullied, pushed and shoved around by little punks on a sandbox because of two gay dads.

Lu Han turns to face Sehun, looking worn-out as he rests his hand upon Sehun's chest. "I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry for not telling you beforehand. I feel like a selfish asshole now... I deprived you of the choice to say no. I should have--"

"Ssh," Sehun breathes softly, reaching to cup Lu Han's neck, gripping with long fingers and shaking Lu Han very slightly and slowly. "We were both wrong. But if there's anything I believe in, it's that everything happens for a reason. I'm with you all the way. If some force of nature led you to that boy, then I'm coming along for the ride. Every step of the way."

Lu Han kisses him suddenly, then once more, eyes a bit moist and nodding slightly as he gently pulls away. "You're too good to me."


Sehun looks toward the corner Lu Han gestures to, and there he is - sitting in a makeshift playpen, staring morosely at a bright red stuffed toy crab. He is cute. Cute cheeks and a cute nose and a cute pout. How he manages to look gloomy with that combination is a mystery Sehun can't explain, but he thoroughly approves of it nonetheless.

"I have no idea how what to do," Sehun confides quietly after minutes of staring at the vacuum of cute. "I mean, I don't know if I want to squish his cheeks or throw him up the ceiling like my dad used to do with me."

"Let's find out together." Lu Han offers his hand, smiling from ear to ear, radiating excitement from every pore.

That settles it, then.

Sehun takes it, strapping himself in for the beginning of a new rollercoaster ride.

3. pick me up (femslash au. IN JAPAN!)

"Thanks for picking me up from the cafe," Lu Han chirps, winding her arm around Sehun's. The way she smiles sets off warning bells in the back of Sehun's head, but she can't spare enough attention for those, not when Lu Han is smoothing her hands down the front of her dress. The dress pulls tight and rides up, showing the tops of the stockings she's wearing, sheer black things that highlight the sleek shape of Lu Han's legs.

Everything Sehun would like to say right now - complaints about Lu Han's obvious mental psychosis for agreeing to work in a maid cafe of all places, her opinions of subpar bubble tea and Lu Han's stony-faced dragon lady of a boss, bitter sorrow that she just blew a good chunk of weekly allowance on expensive shrimp pasta at the blasted cafe - disappears in the static of white noise that crackles between Sehun's ears.

"It's no problem. I don't want you going on the subway alone in... this," Sehun manages to say, though it sounds strangled even to her own ears, probably because she's grinding her teeth so hard. "Just look at you. You're too - too-" Pretty. Beautiful. Sexy. Goddess-like. Gorgeous. And now I'm just exhausting my mental thesaurus. "Ridiculous in that outfit."

Lu Han's strawberry gloss-covered lips curl into her infamous pout. "You know I look cute."

"You do." Oh, God, you really do. Sehun's grip on her waist tightens. She glares at a row of middle-aged men staring at them both - the kind of look that when directed at your garden-variety ordinary person induces a sort of naked terror. "But perverts and horny salarymen are just waiting to prey on the likes of you, and I can't let that happen."

Lu Han's optimistic humor persists as she giggles, dyed blonde curls covering half her face as she buries her face in Sehun's shoulder. "My knight in P.E. uniform. I feel a little bad that you didn't get to finish the track meet. I got you some truffles from the cafe to make up for it?"

"You and I both know that I don't eat sweets from your cafe. Way too sweet," Sehun says as they both step into the train. As they do, Lu Han's pink iPhone slips out of the open front of her Hello Kitty messenger bag, landing a few feet from the sliding doors. Lu Han yelps a small 'Oh!" in surprise and bends over to retrieve it. The dress rides up further, establishing two definitive facts that shake Sehun's faith in the intrinsic logic and goodness of the universe.

First, the stockings are edged with black lace and make Lu Han's shapely legs look longer than they actually are.

Second, Lu Han's underwear is as pink as his phone and bag. Pink and satiny.

"Lu Han!" Sehun half-screams, half-hisses, scrambling to cover Lu Han's exposed backside from the hungry eyes of oversexed vultures waiting in the wings. Her face goes through several expressions in quick succession - confused, surprised, concerned, and finally settles on furious. "Stop flashing everyone or I swear I will have to punch several people in this train and it won't be pretty."

"Relax, Sehun. A gentleman would have averted his eyes," Lu Han pronounces, which is ridiculous on so many levels that Sehun doesn't even know where to begin. Lu Han straightens, shoulders shaking as she laughs at Sehun's undoubtedly complicated facial expression. She stands on tiptoe as the doors close and the train begins its fifteen-minute journey to their stop, whispering, "At least I didn't go to work with nothing underneath. Or you'd have a stroke."

Everything is most assuredly not relaxing. Sehun opens her mouth to say so, but what comes out is something else altogether. "You were planning on going commando? In that dress?"

In a sane universe, Lu Han would look up shyly and be all embarrassed at her lack of shame. This is not a sane universe, because she grins and lifts shoulders in a careless shrug. "I can't, actually. This is rental. I would love to, though. It would get me more tips!"

Sehun can feel her brain attempting to shut down in self-defense. "Where did you get the idea that I would ever want you going to the cafe with no underwear on? From that tanned bar slut Jongin?"

"Jongin is a perfectly respectable, liberated girl," Lu Han recites, tapping Sehun on the underside of her chin. "Be nice to my friends from the cafe."

"I will be nice to her when she stops feeling me up," Sehun mutters, and tries not to notice that the dress is riding up again, showing off the pale skin of Lu Han's thighs.

"She likes you. You're very likeable."

"Now I know you're mocking me."

Lu Han leans closer, her voice dropping, turning low. Intimate. "Not like I like you, though." Lu Han's laughter huffs warm against her cheek, and she realizes that she's going to lose this game at the same time Lu Han's lower leg wraps around hers.

The train lurches, then pulls to a stop at the first station platform. Sehun is momentarily shaken out of her slight trance, pulling Lu Han closer to her body as other people begin filling up the train in the span of a few seconds. They brace against the partition in a corner near a door, pressed between a group of office workers and a group of several students dressed in the uniforms of an elite private high school.

Lu Han's elbow accidentally presses into a nerdy looking male student's chest. "Sorry," Lu Han says, soft and gentle.

"I-it's okay," the student says.

Sehun would love to shoot the blood right out of his pudgy cheeks, sending the poor boy a soul-crushing look. He wilts in the face of Sehun's obvious contempt and looks away quickly. Lu Han, on the other hand, seems to absorb Sehun's manifest jealousy like fuel, and reflects it back in the form of a blinding smile and a graceful repositioning of herself so that her back is pressed against Sehun's breasts and her ass is rubbing against Sehun's tight track shorts.

Sehun tilts her head and whispers, so soft that Lu Han has to close her eyes to block out ambient sound. "Can I take it off the second we get home?"

"You can take it off now."

Sehun has been dating Lu Han for about six months, and she's pretty confident she's totally got her number - Lu Han is one of the sweetest, kindest people Sehun has ever met. She loves nursing big, abandoned dogs on the sidewalk (even though Sehun is secretly terrified of them), tutors Sehun in Mandarin Literature even when she'd rather roll around on their shared bed after a hard day at the cafe, and even manages to pull pranks on Sehun in such a hilariously abrasive way that Sehun can't find it in her heart to be annoyed. She's also pretty straightforward when she wants something; she doesn't hesitate in telling Sehun what's on her mind (usually in excessive and vocal detail) especially when it comes to, ehem, down under.

"I'm so wet for you, baby," Lu Han mumbles, biting her own lip, eyelids fluttering. "I can't wait to get home. Please - please, fuck me now."

For a blissful moment, Sehun loses herself in the simple tactile pleasure of smothering her nose in Lu Han's soft tumble of curls, filling her head with sweet lavender shampoo. How she'd love to wrestle a whimper out of Lu Han by ripping this stupidly sexy costume of her; Lu Han would snap her hips, clench her fingers against the Kero Keropi sheets and moan into Sehun's mouth. She thinks of all these as a slow cascading build of arousal tightens in her abdomen and in the swell between her legs.

The trains begins to slow for the next station, and people begin to shift around them to get off.

"Put your bag in front," Sehun commands, tucking her lips close to the shell of Lu Han's ear. She'd get a tongueful of earring, but she knows how it turns on some kind of erogenous button inside Lu Han that'll have her writhing anytime, anywhere. "If we get caught--"

"We'll share a jail cell. No big deal." He hears Lu Han's smile. "I'll get Jongin to bail us out."

"I am never asking her for any favors. We'd have a life debt and she'd jump at the chance to lock me up in her basement."

"You can't blame a girl for finding you cute," Lu Han sighs dreamily. "Oh, look, the doors are closing. Hey, you know what make you even cuter?"

"Hmm." She presses her cheek against Lu Han's neck. "If I fingerfuck you when the train starts moving?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth. Chop chop, my little track star. Show me how fast you can go."

"God, I hate you."

She turns Lu Han around to face her, and up close her cheeks are pink and flushed, a sheen of light sweat on her forehead from the heat inside the train. Her makeup, however, is still impeccable, and her grin is teasing when she instinctively drops her head and wraps wiry arms around Sehun's waist.

"She's sick," Sehun mouths to an old woman staring at them a little ways to the side. She pats Lu Han's back with one hand until the old lady looks away.

Game time.

"Come on," Lu Han urges into her t-shirt, clutching the hem.

Sehun responds by sliding her hand up her skirt, circling the rim of her panties and feeling the damp cloth for a moment before pushing it aside to rub at Lu Han's clit in small, teasing circles.

A little squeak creeps up Lu Han's throat as she bites her lip hard.

"Let's see how quiet you can be when you absolutely have to." Sehun brushes two fingers over the warm flesh between Lu Han's legs and grins. Lu Han's mouth drops open in a silent moan. She hovers her lips over Lu Han's ear as she slides the first one in, then, two fingers into the girl in her arms, pressing deep. Lu Han gasps softly at the sudden sensation of fullness, hips stilling for a moment in surprise, eyes glazed and fixed up at Sehun's face.

"I said quiet." She brushes the pad of her thumb over Lu Han's clit; Lu Han's shuts her eyes and begins to pant almost inaudibly. "I want you to ride my fingers and I want to watch you try and control yourself when you come. Because I know you will."

Sehun curls her fingers in a 'come hither' motion inside Lu Han, and Lu Han's eyes go wide. If only they were home, Sehun could watch the stunning sight of her fingers slipping in and out of wet heat. There's nothing more she wants than to have Lu Han naked in her lap, rocking back and forth onto her fingers that knew every place to touch, to tickle, to scratch, to press. But all she has is this moment, no matter how dirty and inappropriate the setting - all because she can never deny Lu Han.

She twists her wrist and her fingers brush fleetingly against a rough patch inside of the other girl; Lu Han shudders and bucks against her, breath coming faster. If only Lu Han could wait, Sehun knows she's be mewling and whimpering because Sehun's found that spot. Lu Han would thrash mildly, head thrown back, back tearing and shoulders knotting as she arches her spine beyond its limit, head filled with every kiss Sehun's closed her eyes for.

But here and now - fuck, Lu Han's little squeaks turn her on way too much. She curls her fingers forward once more, agonizingly slow, watching as Lu Han's eyes roll into the back of her head and her thighs clench around Sehun's hand. She feels Lu Han's walls contracting against her fingers and she stops.

"S-Sehun, don't--" Lu Han pants, sticky gloss leaving a mark on Sehun's white shirt.

"Smart. You know how to beg even without saying the magic words," Sehun whispers before pushing up and fast into Lu Han, bringer her over the edge and watching in pure delight Lu Han tries everything, absolutely everything to hold back her inevitable little scream of pleasure. She falls limp in Sehun's arm, riding out her orgasm with shallow, hot breaths against Sehun's clavicle.

"Mentrual cramps," Sehun mouths to a gaggle of women who turn their heads, looking at them suspiciously.

"Shibuya Station. Please disembark here to connect with Keio Inokashira, Tokyu Den-en-toshi, Ginza..."

"And there's our stop. Come on, babe," Sehun says happily, helping Lu Han pick up her bag which had sadly fallen to the floor in the middle of their 'adventure'. As they step into the platform, Sehun shoves the two fingers that were inside Lu Han just a minute ago into her mouth.

"Sehun!" Now it's Lu Han's turn to get indignant and embarrassed? Over this? Really?

"I gotta tell you," Sehun begins, sucking on the tips, "this is better than any cake Jongin ever served. Seriously, what do they put in those things?"

tumblr is so text unfriendly, it gives me a little headache everytime i post things longer than 3 paragraphs over there. so all other requests that i take a liking to, that i'll maybe probably fill sometime after finals, will be collated here in this post.

of course, thanks is due to the anons who prompted. your ideas are wonderful! i can only hope i did them justice.

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